Estates & Trusts Practitioners' Forum

Bianca La Neve
11/15/2016 - 11/16/2016
8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Langdon Hall, Cambridge, ON

The Forum is an "invitation only" meeting where tax and estate planning professionals from leading law firms, accounting firms, and family offices across Canada discuss the most pressing issues facing their clients.

Bianca La Neve, lawyer with the Estates, Trusts & Charities practice group at WeirFoulds, will give a presentation at the two day conference, Estates & Trusts Practitioners' Forum, titled "What's the Scope of the Power of Attorney?" and "The Duty to Account at the Hotel California."


What is the Scope of the Power of Attorney?

Powers of Attorney (POA) have a common law history dating back hundreds of years, and yet their use in modern practice is increasingly fraught with challenges and uncertainty. This session will discuss some of the main issues that are faced with POAs as practitioners. 

The Duty to Account at the Hotel California

Issues around a trustee's duty to account are increasingly contentious. The discussion will be centred around how to strike a balance between the broad duty to account for one's actions as an agent in a fiduciary capacity, and the desire by trustees for greater certainty of form, content and finality

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