8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Deer Ridge Golf Club

WeirFoulds Partner Glenn Ackerley will be speaking at Grand Valley Construction Association event, PACE: Problem-solving, Accountability, Collaboration and Execution.

How to ensure every project and every partner comes out a winner through problem solving, accountability, collaboration & execution.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Learn to use all the expertise available on your wider team to find  innovative solutions.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Understand how wisely pre-qualifying contractors, using advanced technologies and proven methodologies all bring accountability to every stage of the project.

COLLABORATION: What's the key to collaboration and minimizing adversity? Learn how a commitment to collaboration can guarantee a successful project.

EXECUTION: From the RFP through to the final commissioning, discover what challenges and obstacles are in the way of expert execution.

The best builders create an environment of problem solving, accountability, collaboration and expert execution. Our panel of experts dissect the various stages of the construction phase to help you choose a team that will make —not break — the project.

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