Driving Innovation: The Interface Between Competition and Intellectual Property Law

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Toronto, ON

WeirFoulds partner Nikiforos Iatrou will speak at the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) on the topic, "Driving Innovation: The Interface Between Competition and Intellectual Property Law". The session is part of the OBA Information Technology & Intellectual Property Law Program.

The objectives of intellectual property (IP) law are often portrayed as being at odds with the objectives of competition law. While IP law grants exclusivity and potential monopoly power to owners, competition law seeks to encourage and maintain competition in the marketplace. Yet, the interplay between IP and competition law is critical for the maintenance of a competitive and dynamic economy that encourages innovation.

In 2016, the Competition Bureau updated its Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines, which articulate the Bureau's approach to the interface between competition policy and IP rights. Join our faculty of experienced practitioners to get up to speed on the revised Guidelines, and unravel the interaction between IP and competition law. Explore when conduct involving IP raises issues under the Competition Act, and how to restrain anti-competitive behavior associated with the exercise of IP rights.

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