Osgoode PD - Dealing with Charter Claims and Values - A Tribunal Primer

8:00 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.
Osgoode PD, 1 Dundas Street West, 26th Floor, Room C, Toronto, ON

Raj Anand, WeirFoulds Partner and highly regarded human rights lawyer, will speak at the Osgoode PD program, Dealing with Charter Claims and Values - A Tribunal Primer.

Attendees of this intensive, one-day program will learn from experienced and expert counsel and tribunal members:

  • when you need to address a party's Charter arguments;
  • how to structure your hearing to effectively address Charter claims or arguments that raise Charter values;
  • what you need to know about substantive Charter rights, including legal rights, freedom of expression, freedom of association and equality; and
  • how to conduct a justification analysis under section 1 of the Charter or a DorĂ© Charter values balancing exercise.

Raj will co-present the topic, "Substantive Charter rights", which will cover:

  • Expression, association, equality
  • Rights engaged when tribunal exercise coercive or investigatory powers - ss. 7, 8, 13 (self-incrimination)

To learn more about the full program, please click here.

***Please note: This is not a WeirFoulds event. If you have any questions please contact Osgoode PD.




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