Kobo eBooks Nominated for a Global Competition Review Award

FEBRUARY 9, 2017

WeirFoulds is pleased to announce that the Kobo eBooks case has been shortlisted for the Global Competition Review's Annual awards for "Litigation of the year – Non-cartel prosecution: Creative, strategic and innovative litigation on behalf of plaintiffs in a non-cartel private action."

WeirFoulds acted for Kobo in bringing a precedent-setting case to set aside a Competition Bureau settlement agreement that would have a significant adverse impact on Kobo's eBook business. Prior to this, no one had ever successfully brought such a challenge.

The winner will be decided by online vote by readers (no registration necessary). Readers can vote here: please click here to access the survey and search for Kobo. Thank you for your support.

A full description of the GCR Awards and the Kobo case can be found here: