Repair and Storage Lien Act: A Practical Guide (Book)

Michael Swartz, Author: Harvey Haber, QC, LSM

The Repair and Storage Liens Act, while bearing many similarities to the Personal Property Security Act, is quite distinct in many important ways. Repair and Storage Liens Act: A Practical Guide is the first and only book to provide clear concise analysis of the Act in an easy-to-read format. Featuring relevant case law and commentary from an esteemed group of experts in the field, this book will lead you through the often confusing ins and outs of the Act. Providing practical guidance, this book reviews real life situations and contains handy sample forms.

Table of Contents 
– Commentary: The Six Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2011 
Harvey M. Haber
– A Bailiff's Perspective on the Repair and Storage Liens Act 
Peter Balsdon and Cindy McGoldrick
– Rights and Remedies: A Summary of the Workings of the Repair and Storage Liens Act, Ontario 
Darrell M. Gold
– Against All Others: The Priority of the Lien Claimant 
Michael R. Swartz and Rachel Waks
– The Personal Property Security Act and Provisions for Artisan's Liens 
Anthony Romanelli
– Dispute Resolution under Part IV of the Repair and Storage Liens Act
Dianne Prupas and Aaron Grinhaus
– Repair and Storage Lien Legislation across Canada 
Wolfgang Kaufmann and Jenna Morley
– Repair and Storage Liens in Bankruptcy and Insolvency 
Kenneth D. Kraft
– Treatment of Repair and Storage Liens in Insolvency Proceedings 
Joseph Bellissimo and Eleonore Morris
– Help - How Do I get my "Stuff" Back? 
Anatoly Dvorkin
– A Survey of Recent Case Law on the Repair and Storage Liens Act 
Gasper Galati

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