Meet our government lawyers in this area


Throughout the history of our firm, we have provided advice to local governments across the province, including not only all of the upper-tier municipalities and cities, but also a wide range of counties, townships, towns and villages. We have provided advice not only to local governments in the province of Ontario, but to such governments in other provinces as well and to higher levels of government about specialized issues of local government law. We also advise the agencies, boards and commissions created to serve special municipal purposes and, in addition, act for entities that provide municipal services, such as police forces.

Our lawyers have been recognized as leading practitioners in the field and we are proud to have the largest practice of its kind in Canada. Our lawyers have co-authored leading reference works on municipal law, including The Ontario Municipal Act: A User's Manual, Ontario's Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and Ontario Planning Practice. For this reason, our lawyers can walk into any municipal council in the Province on short notice and provide immediate expert advice on virtually any area of legal interest to local government. Equally, they can walk into any court room in the nation as recognized experts in this field.