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Computer and Information Technology

BUSINESS SERVICES - Computer and Information Technology

We assist our clients in all types of technology-related transactions. Our services include:

  • structuring and preparing agreements regarding technology transactions including financings, M&A, joint ventures and e-commerce.

  • counselling clients regarding the protection, exploitation, registration and enforcement of proprietary rights in digital technologies including computer software and computer databases.

  • helping clients develop new technologies through research agreements.

  • preparing software license, software development and outsourcing agreements.

  • working with independent contractors and their customers to ensure that ownership of technology and deliverables are dealt with appropriately.

We also perform extensive work for clients related to Internet technology. This work includes:

  • preparing and reviewing Internet service provider contracts.

  • reviewing the availability of domain names and resolving domain name disputes.

  • consulting on Internet security, copyright infringement and defamation.

  • drafting website content including privacy policies and terms of use.