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REGULATORY - Transportation

We act for dozens of trucking companies, including two of Canada's top 10 largest for-hire carriers. We also act for a number of bus companies, including one of Canada's two largest national bus companies.

  • For both our trucking and bus clients, we protect their ability to operate by keeping their CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration), which is, in effect, their licence to carry on business, in good standing. In addition, bus companies require an operating licence under the Public Vehicles Act.

  • We have acted on many of the leading cases involving the trucking and bussing industry before the Licence Appeal Tribunal, Public Vehicles Act, and the Ontario Highway Transport Board.

  • Cases in which we have been engaged have shaped the test the Registrar of Motor Vehicles must meet for the Tribunal to uphold a proposed CVOR suspension. Don Hislop Trucking Ltd. v. Registrar of Motor Vehicles (October 28, 2004) and Thistletown Motor Freight (2003) Inc. v. Registrar of Motor Vehicles, [2006] O.L.A.T.D. No. 580. We have also argued the leading case on absolute versus strict liability offences and the defence of due diligence in the regulatory context. R. v. Transport Robert (1973) Ltée (2003), 68 O.R. (3d) 51 (C.A.).