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Brownfields, Community Improvement and Infill Projects

LAND USE PLANNING - Brownfields, Community Improvement and Infill Projects

The re-development of a former industrial, or brownfield, site or the creation of an infill project almost always involves difficult and challenging legal, political and policy issues. These are challenging issues because the lands can be heavily polluted, the properties undergoing conversion can be used for very different purposes than the surrounding lands leading to potential conflict between these uses, or the new development may require a higher density than the surrounding land. In other cases, it is necessary to address how an industrial use can continue alongside non-industrial development.

With our substantial planning and development law expertise, and our extensive experience before planning bodies, the Ontario Municipal Board and the courts, we have the specialized expertise required to help our clients through these projects or to help them protect their interests when others are promoting development nearby. Our lawyers have managed some of the largest and most complicated projects of this nature in the province including:

  • soil remediation approvals and environmental permits
  • commercial revitalization and redevelopment
  • land assemblies, severances or re-division of properties
  • zoning by-law amendments
  • additions to residential or commercial buildings
  • community improvement plans