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Consents, Severences and Minor Variances

LAND USE PLANNING - Consents, Severences and Minor Variances

The severance process allows landowners to divide lands into more than one parcel without preparing plans of subdivision. Similarly, the minor variance process allows landowners to apply for approval to depart from zoning by-laws to permit development that would not otherwise be allowed.

While consents to sever and minor variances are associated with small development projects, large projects often need them as well. An urban infill project, for example, may need a consent to sever while a minor variance may be needed to permit the increased height of a large residential building. Whether the project is large or small, however, complications can arise during the planning process that may require minor variances or consents to sever.

Obtaining these approvals can require the interpretation of policy documents, liaisons and negotiations with municipal staff, and appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board. Our lawyers and professional planners are able to assist everyone – from experienced developers to individual property owners – through this complex process.