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IP Protection and Commercialization

BUSINESS SERVICES - IP Protection and Commercialization

We assist our clients in building and protecting their intellectual property portfolios and other proprietary assets. Our clients include entrepreneurs, software developers, publishing companies, public companies, universities, hospitals and foreign companies that wish to protect their interests in Canada.

We also assist our clients in developing strategies for the commercialization and deployment of their IP and other proprietary assets, such as the development, transference, acquisition, and licensing of trade-marks, patents and know-how. We negotiate and draft all agreements necessary to develop, license, obtain, transfer, and commercialize technology.

Our services in this area include:


  • conducting trade-mark searches and providing opinions as to the availability of trade-marks.

  • advising on the selection, use and protection of trade-marks including strategies to reduce exposure for infringement of the rights of others and tactics to maximize the protection of trade-mark rights.

  • obtaining trade-mark registration in Canada and in foreign countries.

  • conducting in-house seminars on the proper use and protection of trade-marks, trade secrets, copyright and other intellectual property.

  • drafting "cease and desist" letters to enforce our clients' trade-mark rights and responding to "cease and desist" letters when our clients are accused of infringing upon someone else's rights.


  • advising on ownership, infringement, licensing and transfer of copyright.

  • preparing and filing Canadian copyright registrations for software, databases, printed materials and other property.

  • conducting copyright litigation.

Confidentiality and Non-Competition

  • protecting all aspect of technology, trade secrets, know-how and other sensitive information.

  • drafting confidentiality agreements with employees, proposed purchasers of businesses, independent contractors and others.

  • making proper arrangements to ensure that a company owns all rights to work prepared for it.

  • preparing non-competitive provisions in the context of shareholders' agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and independent contractor agreements.

  • obtaining injunctions and other remedies against persons who breach their obligations.

  • helping clients prepare and implement clear policies and practices that address confidentiality, accessibility, and security.