The Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2016

Clare Burns
9:00 am - 12:00 PM
Donald Lamont Learning Centre, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto

The changes come rapidly in trust and estate law; you can't afford to fall behind. Join our co-chairs and presenters for a comprehensive summary and analysis of the latest issues and trends for both solicitors and litigators. Each session is brief and insightful, efficiently highlighting critical information on tax changes, legislative developments, case law, and best practices—an ideal way to keep pace in this area.

  • Review the new practice rules relating to estates
  • Get an update on the latest in charities law
  • Learn how to respond to client instructions that cause concern
  • Examine best practices for drafting powers of attorney
  • Understand the challenges facing the insolvent estate
  • Appreciate the need for personal care discussions and end of life instructions

Clare Burns, senior trusts and estates litigator at WeirFoulds, will be presenting "When Client Instructions Make You Wary".

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