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Jul 13 Monday Mon 2020 Past

Canadian Real Estate Forums – Land & Development Education Series

Speakers: Lisa Borsook

WeirFoulds is pleased to participate in the Canadian Real Estate Forums’ 2020 Land & Development Education Series. This year the seminars will take place online.

Partner Lisa Borsook will moderate the July 14 session on: How Permanent is the Impact of COVID-19 on Brick and Mortar Retail? What Forms of Development and Repurposing can Keep this Property Class Strong and Resilient?


No other real estate property category has attracted as much chatter in recent years as retail. Once a favourite of investors, this property class has been facing many increasing challenges for some time. But since COVID-19 has resulted in the temporary closure of malls, stores, and restaurants with a few exceptions, to what extent has the growth of e-commerce been accelerated? This panel will examine the current and future outlook for the retail real estate market and its implications for new development and repurposing existing properties.

  • As e-commerce grows out of necessity, what will get consumers returning to stores and malls?
  • Food experiences and interactive outlets were saving enclosed malls. What happens now?
  • How can landlords play a role in a retailer’s success and both achieve a win/win scenario?
  • How do you build new or repurpose existing retail assets that can weather the perfect storm of ecommerce, pandemics, sustainability and economic contraction?
  • How significant is the retail development pipeline across Canada? What will and won’t be built over the next 12 months as a phased reentry continues?

WeirFoulds is also pleased to sponsor the July 13 session.

To learn more about the virtual event and to register, visit: realestateforums.com.


Lisa Borsook

Executive Partner

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Jul 13, 2020 @ 11:30 am
Jul 24, 2020 @ 12:30 pm
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