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Cities and Public Policy Conference

Come join public sector leaders, policy makers, leading researchers, associations and companies to discuss Canadian cities and the public policies that are haping their future. Major issues for cities and citizens include: opportunities for stimulus package investments, sustainable development and new urban design, how governments balance urban-rural tensions, and the latest research on multilevel governance and cities.

Register now at http://www.ipac.ca/Cities2009/CitiesRegistration

For detailed program information see http://www.ipac.ca/Cities2009/Program%20at%20a%20Glance

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Keynote Speakers include:
ú David Miller, Mayor of Toronto
ú Andrew Sancton, Author of “The Limits of Boundaries” and Professor, University of Western Ontario
ú Brock Carlton, CEO, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
ú Glen Murray, President and CEO, Canadian Urban Institute, Former Mayor of Winnipeg
ú Judy Rogers, Former City Manager for Vancouver


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Sep 24, 2009