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Sep 14 Monday Mon 2020 Past

CLEAR 40th Annual Educational Conference

Speakers: Jill Dougherty

The Council on Licensure , Enforcement and Regulation’s (CLEAR) 40th Annual 2020 conference will be offered virtually, allowing increased participation from regulators worldwide, as we respond to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conference content is developed by and for members of the regulatory community, with one aim: to promote regulatory excellence.

All track sessions will be pre-recorded for on-demand viewing. Keynotes, plenaries, and live Q&A sessions will be streamed throughout the week and accompanied by virtual networking opportunities.

WeirFoulds’ Jill Dougherty will speak on the September 14th panel at 12:00 p.m. ET, titled “From Start to Finish: The Role of Professionalism and Civility At Every Stage of Regulation“.

Session Description:

What does it mean to be a professional today? Long-held values and beliefs about professionalism are shifting. It might mean something different for a younger generation of would-be practitioners or seasoned registrants at different stages of the regulatory process. At the registration stage, professionalism requires applicants to show honesty, integrity and “good character”. But what does suitability look like for applicants in light of heightened expectations, social media and the #MeToo movement? Professionalism and civility are also critical to competent practice, investigations and discipline. For example, how should regulators respond to: incivility between practitioners?; retaliatory complaints involving practitioners, the regulator’s staff or even committee members?; complaints motivated by competitive interests?; practitioners who behave unprofessionally or uncivilly during investigations or discipline proceedings – either through their representatives or self-represented? Are there civility and professionalism obligations that apply to the regulator in that context? From the first interaction with an applicant to the “frequent flyer” practitioner, this session will discuss how regulators can respond effectively with persons who are uncivil and unprofessional at every stage in their dealings with the regulator.

Visit clearhq.org to view the full conference schedule and to register.


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