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Critical IP Ownership Issues for Practitioners – IPIC

Speakers: James G. Kosa

Technology & IP Partner James Kosa will speak at the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada’s June 19, 2020 webinar on critical IP ownership issues for practitioners.

The topics discussed will include:

Ownership 101

Who owns what?
How to ensure that your client is the rightful IP owner?
How and when to correct the chain of title? Before CIPO or the courts?
Drafting and recording assignments

What types of IP can be assigned?

Are there specific considerations for patents vs. trademarks vs. copyright?
When to use a retroactive or confirmatory assignment? Enforceability?
When should/must you record an assignment at CIPO? In a PPSA registry?

Best practices for employment agreements, supplier contracts and NDAs

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June 19
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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