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May 26 Wednesday Wed 2021 Past

Food That Touches the Heart: Re-Orienting Asian Food

In Celebration of Asian Heritage Month 2021, WeirFoulds is excited to collaborate with ZERO11ZERO/Iron Bay Media, Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (“CCNC-SJ”) and Myseum of Toronto (“Myseum”) to bring to you a virtual program, “Food That Touches the Heart: Re-Orienting Asian Food.”

Food is first and foremost about sustenance. But it is also much more than that. Each dish tells a story, be it personal, cultural, historical. Every ingredient is critical to reaching that perfect balanced meal, and chefs (professional or amateur) strive to make their special mark and deliver the best culinary experience.

Join some of the country’s best Asian chefs as they share recipes and stories behind their creations so that you can try to make them in your own home. Chefs will share some tips and tricks to their favourite dishes and will discuss how food can break down barriers and bring people together.

We are excited to have Nobu Adilman, Co-founder of Choir! Choir! Choir! and former co-creator and host of the television program Food Jammers, along with Craig Wong, Chef and Owner of Patois and Bar Mignonette; Eva Chin, Chef de Cuisine of Kōjin; and lastly, WeirFoulds’ very own Joshua Wong, Owner and Chef of SNŌ.

Let’s re-orient our approach to Asian food and Asian cultures, as less “foreign and exotic”, and more as part of the cultural and culinary fabric of Toronto, Canada and really, the entire world!

WeirFoulds is proud to partner with CCNC-SJ, who will include the event video as part of their #FaceRace Campaign, a national campaign challenging all Canadians to confront racism amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with additional resources about the impact of racism and the pandemic on Asian owned businesses, particularly restaurants and Chinatown communities across the country.

WeirFoulds is proud to partner with Myseum, who will continue to host the event video as part of their museum without walls in a space exploring food and culture in Toronto. Myseum’s programs and experiences showcase the history, spaces, culture(s), architecture, and the people, that represent Toronto’s unique place in the world.

WeirFoulds is proud to partner with Zero11Zero, who will create and produce the event video. Zero11Zero is a company dedicated to the convergence of motion media, new media, artist development, music, publishing and creative strategy. From featured to branded content, Zero11Zero develops each creative narrative to impact and connect with audiences.

The title of the event plays on the word “dim sum” or “dian xin” (點心) which is the Chinese word for “lunch”. The literal translation is something like “to lightly touch your heart”, meaning a light meal. The title also plays on the word “Orient”, which the Asian diaspora rejects as exoticizing or “othering” people of Asian heritage.

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May 26, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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