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Professional Regulation and Discipline in the Ontario Health Care Sector – Osgoode Professional Development

Partners Amy Block, Jill Dougherty, Ben Kates, Debra McKenna and Alexandra Wilbee will take part in Professional Regulation and Discipline in the Ontario Health Care Sector, a five-part course hosted by Osgoode Professional Development from Wednesday, November 8th - Wednesday, December 6th.

Professional regulation and discipline of health care professionals is a complex area which requires those involved to be informed of the process from start to finish. This intensive program will explore issues by providing perspectives from all parties involved in the process. It is crucial to have the skills, knowledge and insight needed in this highly specialized field.

Jill will present during Module 2: Complaints and Investigations, which will address effective screening of complaints from the public, Section 75 Investigations, how to select and train members of a complaints committee, and more.

Debra and Alexandra will present during Module 4: The Discipline Hearing, which will focus on pre-hearing conferences, prosecuting at the discipline committee, how to conduct witness interview, dealing with the self-represented, and more.

Ben and Amy will present during Module 5: Penalty Hearing and Appeals, which will cover how to negotiate reasonable penalties, how to deal effectively with concurrent criminal and/or civil proceedings, judicial review, penalties and costs, and more.

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Start Nov 8, 2023 @ 8:45 amEnd Dec 6, 2023 @ 4:30 pm
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