At WeirFoulds, we recognize that we need to advance and demonstrate equality, diversity and inclusion (“EDI”) in everything we do, internally and externally.

EDI must be intrinsic to our relationships with clients, professional colleagues, courts, tribunals and the public, and to the students, associates, partners and staff we recruit to join our team. We recognize that systemic discrimination exists in every organization, including our firm, and that we must do better. We must constantly demonstrate that each and every one of us is valued within our workplace culture and professional environment, regardless of differences of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other aspect of the richness of our society. Anti-Black racism, and all forms of discrimination, including discrimination against women, racialized, Indigenous and LGBTQ+ persons, and persons with disabilities, must be eliminated.

To assist in that endeavour, we have mobilized an EDI Committee that comprises almost thirty of our staff, administration, associates and partners. That Committee, with the support of the Management Committee, has been working diligently on the key areas of focus that require attention, review and action at our firm. Our goal is to put words into concrete action through a number of specific steps. These are described in our official statement on our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, which we are pleased to share.