Law school doesn’t prepare you for practice. Practising law does.

Applying for a student position?

WeirFoulds is the perfect match for:

  • Self-starters. Those who have initiative and jump at new opportunities, challenges and assignments.
  • High Achievers. Those who thrive in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Enthusiastic individuals. Those who have a lot to contribute and are excited about having early responsibility and close contact with our lawyers and clients.

For inquiries about our summer program, please contact:

Ellen Dalicandro
Professional Development and Talent Manager

Please note that we have hired our 2022 2L Summer Students and 2022-2023 Articling Students. We are not hiring any additional students at this time.

Our objective in all our student programs is to hire students who we see as having long term careers at the firm. We are not a revolving door; we want you to learn, thrive and enjoy life here.

The summer program is not divided into rotations. However, we do ensure our students get multiple views of the firm, through one office shuffle mid-term.

Our articling program is divided into three rotations. Each student completes one rotation in Litigation/Government and one rotation in Corporate/Property. Subject to the firm’s needs and availability, each student can choose to return to either area for his or her third rotation. The program allows students to get to know all aspects of the firm.

Students at our firm have the opportunity to gain a wide variety of experiences – in all of our practice areas – during their time with us. The types of experience include:

  • Court appearances
  • Examinations under oath
  • Client interviews and strategy meetings
  • Corporate and real estate closings
  • Conducting legal research and drafting memoranda
  • Drafting correspondence, agreements and pleadings
  • Due Diligence

We know community involvement is important to you — and to your development as a lawyer and an individual. Over the course of your summer and articling experience we participate in various events and initiatives to support the community. These include: Lawyers Feed the Hungry, the Bay Street Volleyball Tournament for Mooreland community services, the WeirFoulds United Way campaign and the Daily Bread food drive to name a few.

NALP Resources

Developing the Professional Lawyer – Student Tip Videos

In partnership with LawFirmElearning, NALP’s Developing the Professional Work Group is developing a series of “tips” videos for students as they start their job searches and prepare to enter the work force.

Leading Questions: Student Edition (by WeirFoulds Women)

Leading Questions is a web series that explores everyday legal issues, hot topics in business and professional development, and more. In these Student Edition specials, Megan Mah, Julia Sydorenko and Kayla Theeuwen, members of WeirFoulds Women, sit down with previous articling and summer students who share their top tips in succeeding.

Episode 6: Master your Zoom Interviews!

In this episode, we are joined by three of our 2020-2021 Articling Students – Dana Kriszenfeld, Janice Philteos, and Nevethan Balendra to answer law students’ burning questions about how to best prepare for the upcoming OCI recruit, including networking tips, preparing for your interviews, and how to set yourself apart as an applicant.

Episode 7: Putting Your Best (Virtual) Self Forward in Zoom Interviews!

In this episode of Leading Questions, we are joined by three of our 2020-2021 Articling Students – Abby Benattar, Nofil Nadeem, and Kiran Waterhouse, who discuss how to navigate the brave new world of Zoom interviews. The students provide advice on how to set up a professional background, adjust your camera and lighting, and dress for Zoom success.

Episode 8: Top Tips for Succeeding as a Summer Student, Part I
In this Student Edition – Part 1, Megan Mah is joined by two of our 2021-2022 Articling Students – Cassandra Chaloux and Craig Harasymchuk, who share their top tips in succeeding as a summer student.

Episode 9: Top Tips for Succeeding as a Summer Student, Part II

In this Student Edition – Part 2, Julia Sydorenko is joined by two of our 2021-2022 Articling Students – Alfred Pepushaj and Emma Brown, who share their top tips in succeeding as a summer student.

Episode 10: Top Tips for Succeeding as a Summer Student, Part III

In this Student Edition – Part 3, Kayla Theeuwen is joined by two of our 2021-2022 Articling Students – Kristen Robertson and Baldon Mitchell, who share their top tips in succeeding as a summer student.

Episode 11: Top Tips for Students Preparing for Virtual In-Firm Interviews

In this Student Edition, Megan Mah and Kayla Theeuwen are joined by four of our amazing 2021 Summer Law Students, Jordan CrockerDalal HjjihTaiwo Onabolu and Rapti Ratnayake. Jordan, Dalal, Taiwo and Rapti took part – and succeeded! – in the first fully virtual law firm recruitment process earlier this year. They share their top tips for preparing for virtual in-firm interviews, including how to research firms and develop insightful questions to ask interviewers.

Episode 12: Top Tips for Students on Succeeding during Virtual In-Firm Interviews, and What to Do Post-interview

In this Student Edition, Megan Mah and Julia Sydorenko are joined by two of our fantastic 2021 Summer Law Students, Gavin Fior and Amir Sodagar. Gavin and Amir were successful during the first fully virtual law firm recruitment process earlier this year. They share their top tips for success during virtual in-firm interviews, as well as some post-interview considerations, including whether to send thank-you e-mails and how to manage your time when scheduling follow-up interviews.

Watch more episodes of Leading Questions here.

Our current program includes:

Summer Students

  • Salary of $1,900 per week
  • Planned Student Events
  • Friday lunches
  • Bi-Weekly Thursday drinks
  • Phone

Articling Students

  • Salary of $1,900 per week, including during the licensing exams
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term disability coverage
  • Mental health support coverage
  • Partial payment of health club membership
  • Two weeks paid vacation
  • Planned student events
  • Friday lunches
  • Bi-weekly Thursday drinks
  • Phone

We’re With You, Every Step of the Way

The primary purpose of WeirFoulds’ student program is to recruit individuals who will become the future lawyers of the firm. Through the student experience, both the firm and the students can work toward building a strong foundation for the future.


Our mentoring program gives you both formal and informal guidance. Students have regular monthly meetings with their assigned mentors and they are always available to provide information, direction and support.


We provide structured, comprehensive training programs which include a full firm orientation, extensive library and research programs, and a series of student seminars on various substantive and practice issues.


We understand that consistent feedback is crucial as you begin your career as a lawyer and we do our best to foster a feedback culture at WeirFoulds. Whether you are receiving informal feedback from mentors or formal evaluations from supervising lawyers, we strive to ensure feedback is a central component of your student experience to help you learn and develop your legal skills.

WeirFoulds wants students to enjoy their experience at the firm, and we believe that a part of that is getting out, having fun and getting to know the people that you work with. Students attend regular firm functions, as well as social events organized just for them.

At WeirFoulds, we recognize that we need to advance and to demonstrate equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do, internally and externally. We have been working diligently on several key areas, and we recognize that we must do better. Our goal is to put words into concrete action through a number of specific steps. These are described in our official statement on our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, which we are pleased to share.

Visit our Diversity and Inclusion page

Emma Brown, Articling Student at WeirFoulds LLP

Emma Brown
D: 647.715.7125
C: 416.206.3367

Cassie Chaloux, Articling Student at WeirFoulds LLP

Cassie Chaloux
D: 647.715.7126
C: 416.333.3296

Craig Harasymchuk, Articling Student at WeirFoulds LLP

Craig Harasymchuk
D: 647.715.7127
C: 416.320.2971

Balson Mitchell, Articling Student at WeirFoulds LLP

Baldon Mitchell
D: 647.715.7123
C: 416.333.6248

Alred Pepushaj, Articling Student at WeirFoulds

Alfred Pepushaj
D: 647.715.7124
C: 416.333.9814

Kristen Robertson, Articling Student at WeirFoulds LLP

Kristen Robertson
D: 647.715.7128
C: 416.320.4836

Application Process

Please note that our 2L recruitment for summer 2022 has ended. We are not accepting applications for summer students at this time.

Please submit your application, including a cover letter, resume, copies of law school and undergraduate transcripts, through the online viLaw Portal based on the deadlines that apply to you as set out by the LSO.

Articling Student Recruitment

WeirFoulds LLP is not hiring any additional articling students for 2022/23.

Preparing for recruitment?

Here are some additional resources to help set you up for success.


For questions or further clarification on any aspects of the Student Programs at WeirFoulds, please contact:

Ellen Dalicandro
Professional Development and Talent Manager

Get to know us a little bit better! Our previous students have shared their experiences in the Leading Questions – Student Edition web series.