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Congratulations to Gregory Richards, 2019 Catzman Award recipient

WeirFoulds is pleased to announce that Gregory Richards, counsel and former managing partner and chair of the Partnership, was awarded the 2019 Catzman Award for Professionalism and Civility at the Ontario Opening of the Courts Ceremony on September 10. The Catzman Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate an exemplary knowledge of the law; integrity, fairness and civility; generosity of time and expertise, with a commitment to mentorship and/or legal education; and dedication to the highest ideals of the legal profession.

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Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry Recommends Systemic Changes In Response to Wettlaufer Offences

On July 31, 2019, the final report and recommendations of the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry were released. The Inquiry, which had a two-year mandate, was charged with investigating the offences committed by Elizabeth Wettlaufer while she was working as a registered nurse in Ontario’s long-term care system. This article summarizes the findings and recommendations of the Inquiry and comments on lessons applicable to all regulators, in light of certain recommendations of the final report.