Beyond borders: Where in the world is… Kayla Theeuwen?

WeirFoulds Associate Kayla Theeuwen has packed her bags and jetted off to Jamaica. No, not for a client matter – this trip is different from the ones she has been accustomed to over the last few years: she’s headed back to academe! Kayla will spend the next six months at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica, where she will complete a course of training leading to the award of a Legal Education Certificate (LEC). The LEC will permit Kayla to be admitted to practise in the Commonwealth Caribbean territories, an achievement she has had her sights set on since she joined the WeirFoulds Caribbean Practice Group in 2015.

The Caribbean Practice Group, which includes Frank Walwyn and Nadia Chiesa, is uniquely positioned to help clients doing business in the International Financial Centres in the Caribbean resolve their most complex legal problems. As Canadian-trained lawyers, Frank, Nadia and Kayla leverage their Bay Street experience to provide top tier advice on Caribbean matters, using their understanding of the legal, business and political landscapes in the Region, and a carefully constructed global network of business advisors and lawyers.

An invaluable member of the Caribbean Practice Group from day one, Kayla’s LEC from Norman Manley will permit her to provide legal services in the Caribbean, bolstering the Group to a team that has three strong advocates who are each qualified to practise both in Canada and the Caribbean.

Kayla did not anticipate developing an international practice when she first joined WeirFoulds as a summer student, but she quickly grew passionate about it – and, it has turned her into an expert packer and travel pro! Kayla’s commitment to expanding her already diverse service offerings is an example of her dedication to both her craft and clients, and also WeirFoulds’ dedication to providing exceptional and well-rounded client service that goes above and beyond borders.

WeirFoulds wishes Kayla the best of luck at Norman Manley Law School.

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