Construction Reopens June 11th, 2021 – Are your Delay Claims Ready?

Starting June 11th, 2021, Ontario will officially enter Step 1 of the recently announced Roadmap to Reopen framework. For those in the construction industry, this means that all construction activities are permitted to open across the Province. COVID-related health and safety protocols will, of course, remain in place for the foreseeable future, but this represents a major step along the way to business as usual.

With major COVID related work stoppages hopefully coming to an end on June 11th, the next question owners, contractors, and subcontractors should consider is how best to protect themselves in respect of delays and increased costs incurred as a result of COVID shutdowns and inefficiencies. In many cases, these decisions will need to be made quickly to ensure compliance with the notice provisions in your construction contracts. Understanding the exact rights and responsibilities created by your particular construction contracts will be of the utmost importance over the next few weeks to ensure that you are protected in the rush to reopen.

For assistance with understanding your construction contracts, or for help putting together and advancing COVID-related delay and inefficiency claims, please contact Faren BogachPaul Conrod, or James De Melo.

The information and comments herein are for the general information of the reader and are not intended as advice or opinion to be relied upon in relation to any particular circumstances. For particular application of the law to specific situations, the reader should seek professional advice.

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