Di Muccio resigns from library board

Maddie Di Muccio has resigned from the Newmarket library board. The town confirmed the Ward 6 councillor’s resignation this afternoon, but council will still receive a report from lawyer George Rust-D’Eye at a special meeting Monday at noon, Newmarket CAO Bob Shelton said. The letter of resignation and process of replacing Ms Di Muccio on the board will be discussed at the regular council meeting Monday at 7 p.m. Ms Di Muccio posted a blog entry today, stating she is resigning from the board to avoid further costs to taxpayers. “This matter has gone on long enough,” she said. “Newmarket residents should not have to endure a taxpayer-funded witch hunt against a councillor who is transparent and accountable to the public.” She goes on to accuse others of cyber-bullying and playing petty politics. “Council can appoint a seat warmer who smiles and nods in agreement with most decisions,” she said. “I hope that my resignation will put an end to the petty political posturing and reckless legal expenditures on this matter.”

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