Di Muccio still on Newmarket library board

Newmarket Councillor Maddie Di Muccio is still amember of the library board. Darryl Singer addressed members of town councilyesterday on behalf of Ms Di Muccio, suggestingthere isn’t a vacant seat on the Newmarket PublicLibrary Board as Ms Di Muccio never resigned. The town has called on lawyer George Rust-D’Eyefor third-party legal council on the subject and heagrees with Mr. Singer. Simply put, there is a lack of evidence Ms Di Muccioformally resigned from the board, so she will remaina member until council decides otherwise, Mr.Rust-D’Eye said. Council can leave her on the board or remove her. The library board has retained solicitor JohnMascarin, who requested council examine thesituation and get the facts on what happened beforemaking a final decision. The library board maintains Ms Di Muccio breachedseveral points listed under the code of conductexpected of a board member. There was discussion yesterday about the paths towncouncil could take to resolve the matter, includingthe hiring of an integrity officer to conduct a fullreview or having a more informal inquiry if allparties agreed.

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