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Artificial Intelligence in Administrative Decision-Making – OBA Professional Development

Partners Raj Anand and James Kosa will attend Artificial Intelligence in Administrative Decision-Making, a Professional Development program that will be hosted by the OBA on Tuesday, December 5th. Raj will serve as a Program Chair, and James will speak during a section titled "Government Use and the Regulation of AI."

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in administrative decision-making by governments, agencies and tribunals is significant. Proponents point to efficiency, consistency and accuracy in support; however, it is critical that the risks of governments using AI to make decisions about individuals and businesses are addressed through responsible regulation.

How are governments using AI and what safeguards are in place in the form of regulation and guidelines? What does the use of AI mean for reviewing or challenging these decisions through the legal system? Join this program's expert faculty to unravel the intricacies and ensure that you are staying ahead of the curve in this quickly evolving space.

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