James Kosa speaks with Canadian Lawyer about AI use by in-house legal departments

Partner James Kosa spoke with Canadian Lawyer in the article “Sizing up AI for in-house” by Luis Millán. The piece discusses how legal departments are beginning to explore ways to use artificial intelligence to ease their burden.

AI appears to be an attractive solution that holds the promise of providing intelligent problem-solving resources to transform the delivery of legal services.

The technology is already being used for contract drafting and management, data handling and management, e-discovery, fraud detection, legal research, litigation and patent analysis and outcome prediction.

Artificial intelligence is not a panacea, however. In-house counsel cannot and should not expect to be able to install AI technology and expect it to weave its magic.

“A lot of these AI tools are in their infancy, and they have certain limitations like any tool,” says James Kosa.

“If not used properly or by people who are not trained, they can be misused in a way that doesn’t lead to an advantageous result.”

Please click here to read the full article at canadianlawyermag.com.

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