Lisa Borsook has advice for young lawyers in Precedent JD Magazine

WeirFoulds executive partner Lisa Borsook contributed a piece to the Advice section of the Fall 2017 issue of Precedent JD Magazine.

In the article, Lisa encourages young lawyers to not be so hard on themselves as the navigate the uncertainties of their careers and personal lives.

“Every day, of the many balls you’re trying to juggle, you will drop one or two. You are not going to be the best friend, mother, daughter, colleague or whatever else, each day.”
She also tells them not to lose sight of why they went to law school in the first place.

“. . . to help others, particularly those who are less advantaged and those in the profession who are coming up behind us,” she writes.

“Because when you look back at all that you have accomplished in your career, decades from now, those small victories and kindnesses will be the ones that you remember and (likely) value most.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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