Raj Anand discusses changes to lawyer licensing and the LSO May Convocation with The Lawyer’s Daily

WeirFoulds Partner, Raj Anand, discussed the changes to lawyer licensing and the number of issues it brought up at the Law Society of Ontario’s (LSO) May Convocation, including the cost of post-secondary education, access to justice, socioeconomic diversity in the profession and the importance of the Programme de pratique du droit (PPD) in The Lawyer’s Daily article “Lawyer licensing report raises access to justice issues at LSO Convocation”, by Amanda Jerome featured in the May 28, 2018 edition.

“Raj Anand called upon the committee to bear in mind the distinct nature of the PPD during the consultation process. He said the LLP and the PPD are often lumped together, but they are two separate programs.

I think all of us in a room in which the vast majority are not French speakers don’t necessarily have a lot of connections with the minority French language community in this province. It’s important, I think, for the [committee] during the consultation to note how important the PPD is to the minority French language community. And that a lot of the information that is given that lumps them together needs to be segregated,” he said.

I think it’s fair to say that the PPD is really the lifeblood of the recruitment into the French language services in this province and I would say in sum, when consideration is given, and the recommendations come forward, I think it’s important to keep those two distinct,” he added.

Anand’s comments were supported by Suzanne Clément who explained that one of the key aspects of the PPD is it allows candidates to graduate from a French program and immediately work within the French community, where they have a unique perspective on the issues faced by this minority group.”

The report is open for comment to the profession and the public, with the deadline to submit set for October 26, 2018. Feedback will inform changes to the licensing process as it moves forward in early 2019.

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