Personal and Ethical Use of Work Computers

Computers dominate the workplace. And, with increasing use comes increasing computer-related workplace issues. Recent case-law in Canada suggests that employers should be reviewing or instituting a number of policies to […]

The Real Jerk plans to fight its eviction

The owners of the Real Jerk restaurant have hired a lawyer to fight their Jan. 31 eviction date. Co-owner Ed Pottinger says lawyer Albert Formosa is planning to apply for […]

Working in Canada: An Overview of Employment Law

Among the most challenging and complex issues faced by businesses, governments, organizations and individuals are those that arise in the workplace—in the relationships between management and employee, worker and employer […]

The Landlord, the Knock Off, the Potential Liability

You’re a landlord, and your tenant is selling knock-off merchandise that violates copyright or trademark laws. In some other countries, the landlord’s liability for such violations has been the subject of court proceedings. Is Canada next?