The Little Red Handbook for Municipal Councillors

WeirFoulds LLP is pleased to announce the publication of “Handbook for Municipal Councillors”, February 2010.

The Handbook for Municipal Councillors is an essential guide for municipal councillors, officers and staff, including municipal lawyers and lawyers in private practice respecting clients who deal with municipalities in Ontario. Written by firm partner George Rust-D’Eye, a leading specialist in the field, readers are provided with clear and concise insights into topics such as: the role of municipal council, the responsibilities of councillors, conflicts of interest, delegation of municipal powers and duties, councillor expenses, procedures, how to deal with the media, maintenance of municipal records, and municipal elections.

George is one of Canada’s leading municipal law lawyers. In 2007, he was awarded the Ontario Bar Association’s Award of Excellence in Municipal Law. He provides legal assistance to municipalities and other governmental institutions, as well as private sector clients.

George has written books, papers and articles in the area of municipal law, including a significant body of material relating to municipal powers and procedures, licensing and regulation, heritage law and practice, conflict of interest, municipal contract and employment law, municipal liability issues, regional planning, and freedom of information.


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