Kobo eBooks Nominated for a Global Competition Review Award

WeirFoulds is pleased to announce that the Kobo eBooks case has been shortlisted for the Global Competition Review’s Annual awards for “Litigation of the year – Non-cartel prosecution: Creative, strategic and innovative litigation on behalf of plaintiffs in a non-cartel private action.”

WeirFoulds acted for Kobo in bringing a precedent-setting case to set aside a Competition Bureau settlement agreement that would have a significant adverse impact on Kobo’s eBook business. Prior to this, no one had ever successfully brought such a challenge.

The winner will be decided by online vote by readers (no registration necessary). Readers can vote here: please click here to access the survey and search for Kobo. Thank you for your support.

A full description of the GCR Awards and the Kobo case can be found here:

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