WeirFoulds’ Lisa Borsook joins The Prosperity Project to help stop COVID-19 from setting back Canadian women

Economic insecurity, increased caretaking responsibilities, and domestic violence are just a few examples of how women and young girls are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Prosperity Project (TPP) is a new not-for-profit organization working to mitigate these impacts and ensure women are supported through this crisis.

TPP is pan-Canadian in scope and fills an important need to explicitly link women and prosperity, underscoring the economic importance of gender equality during the Covid-19 pre-recovery, recovery and post-recovery periods. The organization applies an intersectional identities and inclusivity lens to serve women who also identify as Indigenous, women of colour, refugees, persons with disabilities and/or LGBTQ2+.

Led by founder Pamela Jeffery, TPP was conceived by a diverse group of more than 50 female leaders from across Canada who will be actively supporting the organization in important ways. Included in this group is Lisa Borsook, WeirFoulds’ Executive Partner and co-chair of the firm’s Commercial Leasing Practice Group. As one of the first women managing partners of a major law firm, Lisa fought to bring issues concerning women in the workplace to the forefront in her work and continues to be a champion of these causes both in the legal and business marketplace.

The Prosperity Project believes that if we are not proactive, COVID-19 can undo the progress Canada has made towards gender equality. To safeguard the social and economic health and recovery of Canada, we must focus on the success and well-being of women.

Visit to learn about TPP’s five initiatives that will move it forward, and to find out how you can get involved.

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