WeirFoulds LLP Stands Against Anti-Asian Racism

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has been, and continues to be, challenging for all of us. However, we acknowledge the Asian community, including our Asian Canadian colleagues, face additional challenges due to the dramatic rise in anti-Asian rhetoric and anti-Asian racism. The recent attacks on Asians in Canada and the U.S. including, in particular, violent attacks on elderly Asians and the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, are horrific and appalling manifestations of Asian hate. WeirFoulds unequivocally condemns these senseless acts of violence and discrimination of any kind.

Anti-Asian racism is not new: from the Chinese head tax levied under the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885 to Japanese internment camps during the Second World War, anti-Asian racism has deep roots in Canadian history.

WeirFoulds acknowledges that racism exists in many forms in our society, including within our profession. With the recent disturbing rise in anti-Asian hate, we recognize the urgency for a renewed focus on the harm resulting from racism, whether overt, covert or systemic. The hyper-sexualization of Asian women, the emasculation of Asian men, the perpetuation of the “model minority” myth, “yellow peril” and “perpetual foreigner” stereotypes, and the lack of meaningful media representation, can all lead to increased Asian hate.

While issues relating to racism are complex and difficult to address, WeirFoulds believes it is crucial to acknowledge the existence and extent of anti-Asian racism and its damaging effects, in order to continue the work to dismantle racism in all of its forms. WeirFoulds stands in solidarity with our Asian Canadian colleagues and the Asian community in Canada to Stop Asian Hate.