WeirFoulds Partner Greg Richards Receives Award from The Advocates’ Society

WeirFoulds LLP is pleased to announce that Gregory Richards was presented with The Advocates’ Society Pro Bono Volunteer Award at the Society’s End of Term Dinner on June 15, 2011, in recognition of Greg’s outstanding service for the past 10 years as Chair of The Advocates’ Society pro bono projects.

The Advocates’ Society is a professional association of lawyers and judges, currently serving about 4,400 members in Ontario and beyond. It is Canada’s premier provider of advocacy skills training, and plays a significant role in justice reform initiatives and in preserving the independence of the bar and judiciary. A significant part of the Society’s mission includes a wide range of pro bono projects in which hundreds of its members participate as volunteers.

The pro bono projects of The Advocates’ Society include protecting the public education rights of low-income children and youth in the Child Advocacy Project, providing advice to personal litigants at Law Help Centres, and appearing in court or at hearings for disadvantaged individuals who would otherwise go unrepresented.

Greg began his work on The Advocates’ Society’s pro bono projects when he was a member of the Society’s board of directors. Since then, he has continued to assist the Society in launching several new pro bono initiatives.

We congratulate Greg on receiving this Award and on his continuing contribution to excellence within the legal community.

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