WeirFoulds Partner Philip Cho appointed to the Registrar’s Committee

WeirFoulds is pleased to share that Philip Cho’s nomination to the 2022 Registrar’s Committee was approved by Chief Justice Morawetz.

The Registrar’s Committee is a sub-committee of the Commercial List Users Committee (“CLUC”). The CLUC meets regularly to consider improvements to the organization and operation of the Commercial List and, from time to time, if/as appropriate, to make recommendations to the Regional Senior Justice and the Chief Justice in that regard. The Registrar’s Committee meets regularly as a sub-committee of CLUC to specifically consider the operations of the Bankruptcy Court in Toronto. The Registrar’s Committee is comprised of two lawyers of the insolvency bar, two Licensed Insolvency Trustee representatives, two Ministry of Attorney General representatives, a representative of the Office of the Superintendent in Bankruptcy, a judge of the Commercial List, and the two Toronto Associate Justices sitting as Registrars in Bankruptcy.

Congratulations to Philip on this appointment!

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