Jul 8, 2020

Web Series: Leading Questions – Presented by WeirFoulds Women

Leading Questions is a new biweekly web series that explores everyday legal issues, hot topics in business and professional development, and more. The series is hosted by Megan Mah, Julia Sydorenko and Kayla Theeuwen, members of WeirFoulds Women, and features a variety of guests ranging from lawyers at WeirFoulds, to in-house counsel and professionals from other industries. Stay tuned for new episodes here and on our YouTube channel.

Do you have questions that you would like answered? Send them to leadingquestions@weirfoulds.com and we’ll tackle them in a future episode.

Episode 1: COVID-19 Quandaries Pt. 1/2

In this episode, 12 of our lawyers answer pandemic-inspired questions about whether employers can reduce salaries during COVID-19, how tax residency may be affected by a pandemic, what to look out for when negotiating service contracts in the future, and more.


Episode 2: COVID-19 Quandaries Pt. 2/2

In this episode, 12 of our lawyers return to answer more pandemic-inspired questions, with a focus on real estate and estate planning issues such as the impact of deferring mortgage payments, if there is rent relief for residential tenants, and whether now is the right time to update wills and powers of attorney.


Episode 3: Employment Issues in the COVID-19 Era

In this episode, four of our lawyers answer questions that focus on employment issues that have arisen as a result of COVID-19, such as employee termination rights, CERB qualification, eligibility for wage subsidies, and job protections for employees who may have contracted COVID-19.



Please note that any changes to the applicable legislations since the date these episodes were recorded may be at variance with the information that was shared.

This video series does not make WeirFoulds LLP (or any individuals) your lawyers and the content should not be regarded as legal advice. The content is general information only, and is not to be relied upon in relation to any particular circumstances. Professional advice should be obtained before any content is relied upon.