Daily Commercial News provides coverage on panel, “Managing the COVID-19 Related Claims Process” moderated by Glenn Ackerley at the Toronto Construction Association’s virtual Members’ Day

Daily Commercial News recently reported on a panel discussion moderated by WeirFoulds Partner Glenn Ackerley, “Managing the COVID-19 Related Claims Process” that took place at Toronto Construction Association’s virtual Members’ Day that took place on May 5, 2021.

The panel highlighted that COVID-19 related claims on construction projects are increasing, but like the pandemic itself, there is a lot of uncertainty around how to go about it.

“These typical construction contracts don’t address a global pandemic. That’s not written in the contract, or for that matter, its impacts,” said Glenn. “There has been a lot of debate about responsibility for the consequences that we have all been facing the last year. Debate about the contractual terms. Debate about which ones apply. What types of claims can be made? How do you demonstrate those claims? What do you need to show to be successful in making those claims, and then how do you bring the claims themselves, what do you have to do?”

The main issue is that most contracts do not address pandemics and contain old language.

Click here to read the full article, “Experts offer tips for filing COVID-related claims on construction projects” in Daily Commercial News.

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