Glenn Ackerley Acts as Fairness Advisor and Releases his Report on the Mega Hospital Site Selection Process in Windsor

Glenn Ackerley, partner, WeirFoulds LLP, acted as the Fairness Advisor in the process of selecting a site for a New Single-Site Acute Care Hospital in Windsor.

While a Fairness Advisor was not required for this process by the terms of the Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive, the Co-Chairs of the Program and Services Steering Committee decided that this role would add an extra layer of accountability to the process.

The Supreme Court of Canada Overturns Prohibition on Physician-Assisted Suicide

Today the law criminalizing physician-assisted suicide was overturned in the landmark unanimous decision ofCarter v. Canada (Attorney General). The Supreme Court of Canada sent a strong message in support of the protection of Canadians’ right to life, liberty and security of the person (s. 7) pursuant to theCharter of Rights and Freedom.

Sperm Donors Beware: Can you Bank on Your Anonymity?

The Court of Appeal for British Columbia has recently held that the offspring of anonymous sperm donors (“donor offspring”) have no constitutionally-protected right to know the identities of their biological […]