Glenn Ackerley Acts as Fairness Advisor and Releases his Report on the Mega Hospital Site Selection Process in Windsor

Glenn Ackerley, partner, WeirFoulds LLP, acted as the Fairness Advisor in the process of selecting a site for a New Single-Site Acute Care Hospital in Windsor.

While a Fairness Advisor was not required for this process by the terms of the Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive, the Co-Chairs of the Program and Services Steering Committee decided that this role would add an extra layer of accountability to the process.

“This was such an important decision and we had to get it right,” said Windsor Regional Hospital President and CEO David Musyj, who co-chairs the Steering Committee. “Glenn Ackerley was really an extra set of eyes and ears making sure the process that was undertaken was fair and transparent and that all parties involved were treated equally and fairly as part of the process.”

In his role, Glenn was responsible for observing each step in the RFP process. He also worked closely with the volunteer members of the Site Selection Subcommittee to flag any issues or concerns as the process progressed.

Glenn helped ensure that any issues raised during the process were properly and fairly addressed.  Once the Site Selection Subcommittee selected a preferred site, Glenn released his report detailing how the selection process was fairly conducted in accordance with the RFP. The Windsor Regional Hospital’s board of directors accepted the subcommittee’s recommendation that the hospital be built near the Windsor International Airport.

Glenn is a highly respected and frequently recommended senior partner who practises exclusively in the area of construction law. He is regularly consulted about negotiating and preparing construction and consultant contracts, procurement and tendering issues, and risk avoidance strategies. When project disputes arise, Glenn acts for a wide range of clients in construction lien and trust claims, bond claims, and construction delay and deficiency claims. Glenn is experienced in alternative dispute resolution, acting as counsel, mediator and arbitrator.

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