Jun 14, 2017

Glenn Ackerley discusses ‘grey areas’ in procurement evolution

Daily Commercial News

WeirFoulds Partner Glenn Ackerley was one of the speakers at the Grand Valley Construction Association’s fifth annual Problem-solving, Accountability, Collaboration and Execution (PACE) event held recently in Waterloo, Ontario.

In relation to this event, Glenn spoke with the Daily Commercial News about the trend towards RFPs as opposed to traditional bids and the associated grey areas.

“There is a bit of a mess going on out there as far as procurement in general,” he explained. “It’s a grey area. There are a lot of moving pieces and as we layer, upon layer, upon layer on the process, it starts to get really muddy because you’ve got legal principles but then you’ve got fairness principles as well, but they don’t necessarily mesh. You’ve got legal frameworks being abandoned in lieu of other frameworks that are thought to be less risky from a legal perspective.”

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