Ontario Environment Industry Association releases climate resilient infrastructure report with the leadership of WeirFoulds Partner Janet Bobechko

On January 28, 2022, the Ontario Environment Industry Association (“ONEIA”) released a report titled, Resilient Infrastructure, Resilient Economy, Resilient Future: Exploring Ontario’s climate vulnerability and the case for resilience, written by a range of senior experts whose work addresses the disruption that climate change will cause.

The report was produced by a group of ONEIA members led by Janet Bobechko, WeirFoulds Partner and Certified Specialist in Environmental Law and Janya Kelly, Ph.D., a climate change specialist with Golder. Janet and Janya are Co-Chairs of ONEIA’s Climate Change Committee.

The report looks at how the province can prepare for an anticipated increase in the frequency of climate-related disruptions such as extreme heat events, ice storms and unexpected flooding. Making Ontario’s infrastructure more resilient to climate impacts will not only protect people and communities, but it can also encourage made-in-Ontario climate innovations that can then be exported globally.

“Taking positive urgent action to address climate resilient infrastructure will protect communities and build confidence for investors in Ontario”, said Janet Bobechko. “Environmental Social Governance (ESG) measures are increasingly important for investors. Addressing climate resilience in asset management will continue to drive positive investment decisions in Ontario.”

Click here to read the ONEIA press release and to access the full report.

For more information, please contact Janet Bobechko at jbobechko@weirfoulds.com.

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