The Caribbean Practice Group’s Annual Caribbean Fête: No speeches. Just fun!

This event is anything but your average law firm event. The WeirFoulds Caribbean Practice Group’s annual Fête brings professionals from all over the world together to temporarily escape a cold February night and celebrate Caribbean culture. Steel pan music, Carnival dancing, authentic Caribbean food and tropical beverages transport guests from the frigid Canadian winter to the islands.

The 2020 event, which was held on Thursday, February 13 at Toronto’s Design Exchange, welcomed nearly 300 clients, contacts and friends from around the globe, from as near as Toronto to as far as the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

This year, Frank Walwyn, Nadia Chiesa and Kayla Theeuwen joined forces with one of their alumni associations. Ryerson University’s Design Fabrication Zone is an incubator for student-driven design initiatives including SugaCayne Designs, which takes traditional Carnival costume design into the 21st century through innovative design technologies such as 3D printing. SugaCayne’s work was showcased at the Fête through interactive costume displays and a virtual reality experience.

“We want to show our clients and colleagues our appreciation by treating them to the Bay Street version of a Caribbean lime, while also celebrating the fascinating culture and history of the countries in which we are so lucky to practice,” says Frank Walwyn. “Our practice is typically ‘all work and no play’, so we look forward to gathering with our friends from near and far once a year to share in the true essence of the Caribbean.”

A small team with a vibrant practice, Frank, Nadia and Kayla are uniquely positioned to help clients from all parts of the world resolve their most complex legal issues in the International Financial Centres in the Caribbean and beyond. The Group has a wealth of experience litigating precedent-setting cases and advising on complex corporate, quasi-criminal and contentious trust matters in the Caribbean.

For more information on the WeirFoulds Caribbean Practice Group and to get in touch with Frank, Nadia or Kayla, click here.


Nadia Chiesa, Frank Walwyn and Kayla Theeuwen
From left: Nadia Chiesa, Frank Walwyn and Kayla Theeuwen
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