The Toronto Star reports on the second LPAT Case Management Conference between Freymond Lumber (represented by John Buhlman and Chantal deSereville) and No Place for a Quarry

The Land Planning Appeal Tribunal (“LPAT”) is a tribunal that adjudicates cases in relation to a variety of land use matters, heritage conservation and municipal governance. The Case Management Conference (“CMC”) is a mandatory hearing that provides the LPAT with the chance to identify all party and participant requests, identify and narrow down the issues that are agreed on and give directions to all parties with regard to information disclosure.

Michael Riley of The Toronto Star recently reported on the second CMC between No Place for a Quarry (“NPFAQ”) and Freymond Lumber, which took place on February 5, 2021.

Partner John Buhlman and Associate Chantal deSereville are the legal counsel representing Freymond Lumbar.

NPFAQ is appealing to LPAT an official plan amendment that permits Freymond Lumber to proceed with the quarry under the Ontario Planning Act. LPAT will also hold a hearing regarding objections to Freymond Lumber’s application for a Class A aggregate licence for the removal of aggregate.

Freymond Lumber has been working to get this quarry operational for almost a decade. They have had numerous peer-reviewed technical studies done, which they allege prove that the negative effects NPFAQ are concerned with will be minimal. They have already gotten regulatory approvals from Faraday Township and Hastings County to move forward with the quarry..

At the CMC, John Buhlman and Eric Gillespie (representing NPFAQ) agreed to participate in a tribunal facilitated mediation to arrive at a possible settlement.

Click here to read the full coverage, “Second CMC held Feb. 5 between NPFAQ and Freymond Lumber”.

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