WeirFoulds launches Anti-Black Racism education series in celebration of Black History Month

On February 1, 2021, WeirFoulds’ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (“EDI”) Committee launched an Anti-Black Racism education series in celebration of Black History Month.

Open to all members of the firm, the events will feature expert guest speakers on various topics designed to educate our community on Anti-Black Racism.

The series will commence with a virtual tour of Amherstburg Freedom Museum, which tells the story of African Canadians’ journey and contributions, by preserving stories and presenting artifacts that educate and inspire.

The second event in the series is a reading group where a critical race theory professor will guide the participants through an open discussion on an article related to Anti-Black Racism.

To conclude the series, leading experts from Canada’s food industry will join us to discuss Anti-Black Racism and Food. Discussion topics will include themes such as the impact of racism on our food choices (What types of food does society consider ‘fine dining’ and not? When and how do “ethnic” cuisines get popularized?), food scarcity and the right of Black and BIPOC people to nourishing, culturally appropriate food, and systemic discrimination in access to land and resources for Black food owners.

At WeirFoulds, we recognize that we need to advance and to demonstrate equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do, internally and externally. This education series is part of the EDI Committee’s commitment to improving EDI education at our firm. To read our official statement on our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, click here.

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