Arbitration & Mediation

Litigation proceedings can be time-consuming, costly and all too public. When parties desire an expedited, cost-effective and confidential resolution to their dispute, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes, such as mediation and arbitration, can often be their best option.

Arbitration enables parties to exercise significant control over the resolution of their dispute. They select the arbitrator(s) who will decide their matter, determine the rules and procedures that will govern their proceedings, and negotiate confidentiality conditions. And unless the parties agree to an appeals process, the arbitrator’s decision is final and binding. This provides the parties with significant certainty about the finality and cost of their proceeding.

Our litigators have significant experience using ADR to resolve disputes. We have used ADR in a range of matters, including commercial disputes, real property disputes, construction lien proceedings, professional negligence claims, environmental litigation and contractual disputes.

We are also well versed at mediation and facilitated negotiation to resolve a wide range of matters. We have participated in and conducted numerous mediations, and have experience with all manner of disputes. Many resolved matters extend beyond financial issues to land use planning and issues related to processing development matters.

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