Franchising can be an essential step in a company’s development and expansion. Whether you are the franchisor or franchisee, it is essential to be supported by legal counsel who understands franchising law and knows how to strategically advance your rights and protect your interests.

Our lawyers have deep experience working with franchisors and franchisees on all aspects of the franchising process, from negotiating franchise agreements to handling the commercial activities that accompany the franchise relationship, such as distribution and employment responsibilities. We also represent clients in alternative dispute resolution and litigation proceedings when disputes arise.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Commercial
  • Compliance
  • Distribution
  • Employment issues
  • Franchise agreements
  • Licensing
  • Sports
  • Trademarks
Representative Experience

Franchising and Distributorship

We have significant experience in all legal aspects of franchising and distribution transactions and companies. We assist clients in nearly every phase of the franchising process, including:

  • business concept refinement
  • structuring franchise programs
  • franchise document preparation, including franchise agreements, area development agreements and leases
  • compliance with franchise disclosure legislation in Ontario and elsewhere
  • franchise sales
  • negotiations with franchisee associations and on franchise renewal and termination

For international franchise systems, we structure and negotiate international transactions, prepare master franchise agreements, and co-ordinate with local counsel on matters such as international franchise disclosure documents.

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